Refreshing Web Design is led by Web Developer Kate McCarthy with a support team of Design, Marketing and Programming Professionals as required by the each project.

Kate McCarthy has over 10 years experience as a Website Designer and Developer. With a background in HTML, CSS, php and MySQL she can offer total custom project build or adaptation of CMS (WordPress, Drupal, etc) and SaaS services (Shopify, Wix, Webflow) in line with what is most effective and efficient for the project requirements. She has completed training in JS, Angular JS and a other new Web Technologies. She has a particular specialisation in User Interface and how websites can create optimum user experiences for both Website Administrators and Front-End Users.

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Common Questions

Generally, Refreshing builds websites using WordPress and Shopify, which between them they satisfy most project briefs. However we can work with some other platforms based on client needs. Kate began building websites in 2001 using HTML and ASP.NET, subsequently studying PHP and MySQL and learning WordPress in 2012. For specific client projects I have used Drupal and Wix. With 20 years in website design and 8 years experience in WordPress design, you can be guaranteed we can produce what you need, in whatever platform you choose.

After an initial discussion with the client, we will develop a project plan, budget and timeframe. The design can be from scratch based on client ideas and content. The deisgn might also be based on the work of a graphic designer. Like all good design, form should follow functionality, so it is ideal to get all the content and functionality agreed and design around it.

Yes, we have built some very successful online shops using both WordPress (Woocommerce) and Shopify. In addition to the website build we guide clients through the process of setting up online accounts. We can add all products or create templates for clients to update their own stock.

We do everything from quick website updates to complex projects requiring scoping, designing, testing and building. How long it takes depends on what you need. If a client knows what they want and has all their content ready to go, then roughly 3-4 weeks. But a lot of clients want support to design the website and gathering and create content and, of course, this takes a bit longer. Roughly, at least 1 month to maximum 6 months.

That’s entirely up to the client and something we can discuss early on. We have worked with a variety of graphic designers, but can also create websites from an example or template you choose online.